Start page

Configure your survey’s start page by adding the title, description and styling it the way you want. The start page will be shown to the survey takers before displaying the survey.

Start page settings (Pro)

1. Enable start page: Tick the checkbox if you want to add a start page to your survey. After enabling this option, a new tab will appear next to the Settings tab, where you can configure Start Page settings.

2. Start page title: Give a title to the start page.

3. Start page description: Provide some information about the survey. This will show up on the start page.

Start page styles (Pro)

4. Background color: Specify the background color of the start page.

5. Text color: Specify the background color of the start page.

6. Custom class for start page container: Use your custom HTML class for adding your custom styles to the survey start page container.

Black Stripes
Black Stripes

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