Question types

Choose the question type from the list.

Radio: A multiple-choice question with the possibility to choose one answer. Put the options in another order, add new answers, add images to each of them, or delete whichever option you need. “Add Other”, and your survey takers will be allowed to add their own answers to the question.

Checkbox (Multiple): A multiple-choice question with one or more answer possibilities. You can again reorder the options, add new ones, delete any option, and add images. “Add Other” , that is, allow your survey takers to add their own answers.

Dropdown: A multiple-choice question allowing survey takers to choose an answer from a dropdown menu. Rearrange the answers, add or delete them, and add images if necessary.

Linear/Likert Scale: (Pro) A question that needs to be rated with 1 to 10 scale and ranges between two extreme viewpoints. You have to define labels for 1 and for 5.

Net Promoter Score (NPS): (Pro) This question type is used in surveys to gauge customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Star Rating: (Pro) A question that needs to be rated with 1 to 5 scale stars. You have to define labels for 1 and for 5 stars.

Paragraph: A question requiring the survey taker to type in a long answer text.

Short text: A question that needs to be answered with a few words.

Number: The survey taker needs to answer the question with a numeric value.

Phone: (Pro) Collect respondents’ phone numbers. It allows respondents to input their phone numbers.

Date: (Pro) The survey taker needs to input a date as an answer.

Time: (Pro) The survey taker needs to input time as an answer.

Date and Time: (Pro) It allows respondents to provide information about a specific date, time, or both, depending on the requirements of the survey.

Matrix Scale: (Pro) A group of multiple-choice questions that are displayed in the form of grid. You have to fill-in the information in the row(s) and column(s). Normally, columns are used for questions, and rows for answer choices.

Matrix Scale Checkbox: (Pro) Gather responses on multiple related items or statements using a checkbox-style response format.

Ranking: (Pro) Use this question type and prioritize a list of items based on their preferences or importance.

Star List: (Pro) Ask Respondents questions with a list of options, and for each option, they are asked to rate it using a star rating scale.

Slider List: (Pro) Users will need to use a slider along a scale to indicate their level of agreement, satisfaction, or preference.

Yes or No: (Pro) A question that needs to be answered either “Yes” or “No”.

Slider: (Pro) The survey taker needs to move throught the slider length to choose the answer (in scale). You need to determine the slider length, slider step length, slider minimum value and the slider defaul value beforehand.

HTML: (Pro) Create u question using the custom HTML code.

Hidden: (Pro) Use the Hidden question type and URL Parameters option to be able to easily check the survey submissions.

Email: The survey takers should fill their email address in the given field.

Name: The survey takers should fill their names in the given field.

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